Address your Anxiety with this 5000-year-OLD Chinese Healing Practice.

Get a sense of fulfilment that your paycheck cannot give you but that your SOUL Craves!

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Andreas P.

I feel more in control of my life, and the newfound inner peace has positively impacted all aspects of my life, from work to relationships. I am grateful for the transformation given by Patty.

Stress & Anxiety –> Calm, happy & relaxed!

ONLY 5-mins a day to address your anxiety & stress FOREVER!

Regain Control of Your Life:

Take back control of your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Rediscover Life's Pleasures

Experience more joy, finding happiness in everyday moments and activities.

Sharpen Your Mind

Enhance cognitive abilities, such as memory, focus, and problem-solving to become mentally agile and adaptable.

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Game Changing Results

What are people saying about the Patrica’s Coaching?

Each session I show up for I realize again how good it feels to be guided through ranges of motion that do not occur to me in my ordinary life.

In these moments I am brought face to face with my limited sense of possibility & carried by Patty’s words of instruction in the direction of something expansive – the vast sky inside filled with possibilities that Patty is always pointing me towards.

Carol N

The Elevate classes are so beneficial both physically, and spiritually.

My arthritis feels better after the Qigong and I also feel supported by the wonderful community Patty has created.

Nicolette S.

Meet the COACH

Patricia Krauss

Patricia (Patty) Krauss is described as a mystic entrepreneur on a mission to cut through the noise and inauthentic “stuff” constantly coming at us.

Patricia’s deep resonance with the SkyDancer symbolism comes from her belief that beyond the clouds is a radiant expanse of sky, where we are all welcome, where we belong, and where we are free. 

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I’ve never been too busy to meet someone new. It’s always feels great to help someone do better. I usually charge $250 for a breakthrough call like this.

But to celebrate my 2-year business anniversary (as a bonus), you can schedule a call at no cost right away!

NOTE: There are only 30 open slots. And that’s for 2 reasons:

1. We can only do these FREE Breakthrough calls with a limited number of people because our time is limited.

2. We don’t want our clients who pay PREMIUM fees for these calls to get wind of this crazy offer (they’d feel cheated).

Get your hands on Elevate!


With Elevate, you’ll enhance your overall well-being using the “Sanity Toolkit for Life”.

These timeless practices equip you to navigate the restless busyness in your mind, reducing fear and anxiety, and bringing the awareness, peace and clarity you crave.

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