Learn CALM Parenting Secrets to Discipline your Children the Right Way.

Make Kids Want to Co-Operate and Listen to You!

This Challenge is for YOU if want to:

Make Children Cooperate without Threats or Punishment

Psychologically Get Them To Listen To YOU through Cognitive Methods.

Learn Mindful Ways to Handle your Child’s Behaviour problems

Learn Discipling Secrets. NO BRIBES, NO YELLING, NO SPANKING

Challenge Starts from 12th Jan, 6PM onwards.








Don’t you crave a Healthy Relationship with your child?

…where he or she co-operates with you?

And that too without you screaming, yelling, or joining the chaos?


I have a challenge for you! 🎯

Give me 5 DAYS and I’ll HELP YOU make your Parenting style CALMER and Children Co-operative!

With results like these…

My inner critical parent doesn’t need much excuse to rear up and undermine me. A brilliant workshop that’s got me thinking about relationships in general, and my relationship with my son and my parents in particular. Thank you so much for bringing in the change.

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Parents of 6 year old son

What an Workshop! She taught us in an easy to Understand Language with Relevant examples regarding how to be with your children. Parenting, a phase in life through which almost everyone hours through, can be even more wonderful experience if we follow the simple guidelines she gave us.

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Doctor & Mother of a 8 year old son.

Every topic was like a healing process for me. I got the answers to many of my behaviors and helped me figure out what was I doing wrong. It made me look at my children with much-needed empathy.

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Post Graduate, Home Maker & Mother of 4 year old Daughter

WE are making Homes Calmer, Free of Aggression & Ensuring YOUR Child’s Emotional Needs are well taken care of ❤️


I’m a Child Development Expert with over 20 years of experience of Parenting Coaching & Counselling Thousands of Parents, Children & Teenagers.

Did you know?

THE critical part of a Child’s brain is Developed by the time they are twelve years old.

The First Twelve Years of Life are Critical to your Child’s Future Happiness & well-being.

Children need to be Nurtured, Talked to, and Supported by their Parents, especially during their first 12 years of life.

But what if this doesn’t happen?

When parents fail to meet the physical, cognitive and emotional needs of their child during these growth stages;

….that’s when future mental health problems begin to develop!

There is a mindful way to discipline your children where there is Trust and not Fear. That is disciplining with a kind heart without crushing your child’s spirit ❤️

And that’s what I am teaching in the CHALLENGE.

Actual Price: $57 

⚠️ TODAY: $17 for the next 7 Parents! ⚠️



Here’s what the Children Would be Prone to:


Low Self-Esteem


Behavioral Issues


Lack a Sense of Belonging


Future Mental Health Issues


Generational Pattern of Aggression

Take the Challenge. Change the Narrative, Make your Home Calm & Children Co-operate! ❤️



VALUE: ₹1,999!

VALUE: ₹799!

⚠️ Only for $17 for the next 7 Parents! ⚠️

Frequently Asked Questions.

Details about the Workshop?

It’s an Online Workshop done with Zoom for 5 days, 6PM onwards. 5 Days, 45 minutes a day!

When does the Workshop Start?

It starts from 12th (Monday), July and ends on 16th.

If I miss a session, will I be able to see the recordings ?

The recordings for each day will be available for ₹200 which you can get later .

What are the timings of the Challenge?

The Challenge is from 6 PM onwards on the given dates.

When will I get the free parenting tips booklet?

You’ll get if just after you make the purchase.

Where can I send the questions I have regarding my child‘s specific behaviour issues ?

You can talk to me on WhatsApp. 

Can my Spouse join with the same enrollment ?

Yes they can.