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It was a dream to gift my mum an iPhone. However, I lost hope to achieve my current Goals and I thought I couldn’t gift her that this time. But I’m so glad I met you. From nothing to ₹1,65,000 in 12 days is an absolutely crazy thing for me!  I’m glad I enrolled into your program. Thank you so much Viplav.

Khushi - @digitalkhushi_

Dragon Sales Chat System

Make people super-interested to buy your product/ service with the power of Chat Persuasion.

Secrets to $997 Clients

Learn my secrets to close $500 – $997 clients without having to look like a pushy salesman!

“…but they don’t want to invest”

Hear this from your clients?


Attract the Right Clients

  • Learn to Close High-Ticket Sales with clients Instantly!
  • Learn to Press the right Nerve at the Right Time.
  • Master Sales using the Natural Human Psychology.

I made 11 High Ticket Sales When I Had 1500 followers!


Old Way


Difficult to Charge High Prices.


People do not want to Invest.


Talk to 20 people to GET 1 SALE!


They keep you on 'SEEN' after you tell them the price.

Dragon System


Sell High Ticket like a Beast


People will ask you to quickly TAKE THEIR MONEY.


Convert 8/10 people you talk to & save your precious time.


Sure-shot way to make them pay INSTANTLY!



Or 2 Times Payment of ₹3,499

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I was not able to find clients and my freelancing system was broken. But after I came to Viplav’s coaching, everything has changed. I went from 0 to 1.4 lakhs in less than 30 days!

Someone Gandhi

Viplav’s mentorship has helped me in a lot of ways. Not only I have learned so many of skills, but I have also built an Instagram sales system where I make money from it passively!

Someone Tagore


Let me help you decide if this is something you need. I won’t try to sell you on call but will help you make the right decision.