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Sumanta Barman

Sumanta Barman

CEO of a Messenger Marketing Agency | Chatbot Specialist

Hey there. I’m Sumanta. I’m a Messenger Marketing Specialist and I’ve Helped over 150 Businesses through Chatbots and Messenger Marketing.

My goal is to Inspire 10,000 Individuals just like you to take up ‘messenger marketing’ as a full time Business and get results just like myself. 

Some Clarity.. Here’s how a Chatbot looks like…

We’ve installed this Chatbot on multiple GYM pages on Facebook and it has helped those GYMs get more and more customers! 

We repeatedly keep selling this Chatbot for $500 to GYMS!


This Chatbot can really help GYM Owners get a ton of new customers every week. It is really easy to convince new GYM owners to get a Chatbot with the strategies I use. 

It’s all about making them realize that installing the chatbot on their FB page can turn their game around!!  

This Restaurant Chatbot I’ve build for our restaurant clients is just GOD level (a lot of my students tell me that). This is one of the best Chabots I’ve ever built. Period.

RESTAURANT OWNERS pay us over $750 for a Chatbot like this!


I mostly sell RESTAURANT Chatbots to US/UK businesses.

There the pricing of food is expensive (of course it is, right?), so if the chatbot is able to get them just five good customers a day it’d pay off $750 and they are getting the chatbot for lifetime for just $750!!!     

I’ve talked about just 2 niches – Restaurant and GYM. There’s hundred more you can go after!

The BEST PART is, it is very EASY to convince them to get a Chatbot because of the POWER a Chatbot contains.

Stop following the same OLD & OUTDATED Methods & Strategies.


Charge PREMIUM PRICES to Western Business Owners for your Skills

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