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This System is Worth Tens of Thousands of Dollars. 

Chatbots help me generate over $10,000 per month.

One Service – Hundreds of Clients. 

My secret? – I’ve built systems for this entire business, 

AND that is here… FOR YOU.

(Literally nothing is kept aside

➡ Learn to Build Chatbots for Businesses. (skill)

➡ Craft an offer & show them how Chatbot could help (value + offer)

➡ Send them a Chatbot Demo & Close them for $750+ (sales)

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My Biggest Chatbot Client paid me $9,000

Yes, that’s $9,000!

That was on the restaurant niche. 

$3000 for Chatbot Installation. 

$2000 x 3 months recurring service later.

One-time payment.

This is not for show-off at all. 

I genuinely believe anyone with the right skill & knowledge can make it happen. 

If you solve big enough problems, you’ll make big money. 

And Chatbots come in the SWEET SPOT. 

Recurring 3 months.

Some Clarity.. Here’s how a Chatbot look like…

We’ve installed this Chatbot on multiple GYM pages on Facebook and it has helped those GYMs get more and more customers! 

We repeatedly keep selling this Chatbot for $500 to GYMS!


This Chatbot can really help GYM Owners get a ton of new customers every week. It is really easy to convince new GYM owners to get a Chatbot with the strategies I use. 

It’s all about making them realise that installing the chatbot on their FB page can turn their game around!!  

This Restaurant Chatbot I’ve build for our restaurant clients is just GOD level (a lot of my students tell me that). This is one of the best Chabots I’ve ever built. Period.

RESTAURANT OWNERS pay us over $750 for a Chatbot like this!


I mostly sell RESTAURANT Chatbots to US/UK businesses.

There the pricing of food is expensive (of course it is, right?), so if the chatbot is able to get them just five good customers a day it’d pay off $750 and they are getting the chatbot for lifetime for just $750!!!     

I’ve just talked about 2 niches – Restaurant and GYM.

There’s hundred more you can go after!

Struggling to Charge Over $500?

Are you solving BIG Enough Problems?

If you’re reading this,

I have a hunch that you’re not able to charge more than $300- $500 for your services too!

Well, do you know why it’s difficult to Get More Clients?

Well, allow me to let you in on a little Secret –

“Everyone’s a Website Developer Nowadays….”

… or maybe a Social Media Manager,

… or maybe a Logo Designer,

…or maybe anyone who’s into A CROWDED SPACE!

That’s a way of saying, “Everyone’s into the RED OCEAN.”

Chatbots are too damn NEW! 

And it solves a problem worth over $10,000.

Big Problems = Big Money!

I showed you EVERYTHING Publically!

I did 2 public challenges on Instagram where I had to Get a Chatbot Client.

IG Challenge 1

Getting 1 Chatbot Client in 14 days without using my previous case study or agency materials.

Closed a $450 deal  – $650 Recurring

IG Challenge 2

Getting 1 Mid-ticket Chatbot Client in 21 days without using my previous case study.

Closed an $850 deal – $799 retainer. 

$5k Per Month is 5 Clients

You just need 5 good Chatbot clients to be at the $5k mark.

With chatbots, you can always go with recurring deals

You only get the client ONCE, 

And then the client pays you month after month

This 17-year-old lands 3 Client in 39 Days.

Meet Justin, 

He helps restaurants get returning customers through chatbots. 

The pricing for his service is $750. 

In less than 40 days he gets 3 clients. 

$750 x 3 Clients. 

$2250 made in less than 40 days as a 17-year-old! 

Listen to what he has to say.

$2250 in 39 Days

He uses the exact offer I use to get client. He gets 3 clients by following what’s already working. 

Definitely the DEADLIEST Service of all time!

Can you ask them for $10… at least?

You can charge $10 for installing the chatbot & potentially charge $500-1000 per month as retainers.

That’s what makes the Chatbot service so irresistible. 

Forget $500, can you sell the chatbot to a business for $10

Of course, you can! 

Any business owner (with the right mind) would be happy to get it installed for such cheap. 

But the fun starts after they have installed the chatbot. 

The Chatbot installation was just a foot in the door

You can charge them monthly retainer prices for your recurring services.

All my recurring services which I personally go with are added inside the program along with its scripts. That’s all yours once you enroll!

Sumanta Barman

Sumanta Barman

CEO of a Messenger Marketing Agency | Chatbot Specialist

Hey! I’m Sumanta & I own a 6 figure Chatbot Agency.

After working with brands like HDFC, US Pizza, Unex and helping businesses generate hundreds and thousands of dollars through the power of chatbots,

…my goal is to inspire 10,000 individuals just like you to take up messenger marketing as a full-time business and get results just like myself.

If you want to:

Learn a new High Income Skill.

Be a Freelancer doing $3-5k per month.

Make $500-2000 Per Deal.

Steal my Chatbot Offers.

Get my Entire Chatbot Selling System...

Chatbot Agency Mastery is a comprehensive Program where you learn how to Master the Chatbot Game and take your Agency to the new heights. 

12 modules & over 70 lessons to help you get as many clients as you can possibly handle!

Chatbot Agency Mastery Program

Here’s a peek inside…

Consists of the exact strategies I’ve used AND steps I’ve taken to get over 100 Chatbot Clients in a period of 13 months!

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Listen to what our enrolled members have to say!

IG Automation agency: 2 client in 3 weeks!

He signed 3 chatbot client who pays him an avg of $1500 in 3 weeks after he joins the program.   

Sanchita got 2 clients in 24 days. 

The new skill which she learnt is now paying off and she’s crushing it with her agency. She is now providing consultation to local businesses and she charge $250 for a session.  

Nicros gets a $1047 Client in a matter of 2 weeks!! 

He closed his first client for $297 for a restaurant chatbot and converted it into a $750 retainer. He is on his mission to scale his agency to multiple 5 figures.

Faisal got his first high ticket chatbot client in 3 days!  

Faisal closed a $1700 restaurant client in 3 days after enrolling into the course. He is scaling his agency business now and closing more clients.  

Rajan Selling Done-for-you Chatbots to Dentists. 

He has been the most active guy in our private Discord community. He works with dentists and helps them with chatbots. 

Javier goes from 0 to 5 figure with his Chatbot Agency 

Javier started his Chatbot Agency with 0 and got to 5 figures in less than 90 days! Thanks to Chatbots.


Will someone help me if I face any problem?

You’ll get access to our exclusive Discord server. There you can get your queries solved. Sumanta or some member of the community would be solving your problems.

How many days to get my first payment?

I want to be super clear here. This is not a quick money scheme, it’s a genuine business model with a lot of potential. Some students who are really putting in the work properly are getting clients in their initial weeks and the ones who didn’t take any action are having a hard time.

Will I get access to all the content forever?

Yes! You’ll get access to our content forever. Not just access to our current content. You’ll also get access to all the future modules as well

Is the course updated?

Yes! The course is updated according to the latest interface of the platform and guidelines of Facebook. You won’t face any problem throughout your learning journey.

Do I get phone call support?

We don’t provide any phone call support. All the problems are solved through our discord server itself in case you face any problem throughout this journey.

But I do not know how to talk to businesses!?

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel again, because we’ve provided you with our tried and tested message scripts which worked for us and it will work for you

Can I build Chatbots from a mobile phone?

You’ll need a laptop for the chatbot building part, you won’t be able to do it on a smartphone. But you definitely reach out to clients through your smartphone.

Is there any upsell inside the course?

NO! There are no upsells inside the course. My GOAL is to inspire at least 10,000 people to take up messenger marketing as their career and I have provided the best of information inside this course without keeping any secrets.

What happens after I did my payment?

After making the small one-time payment you’ll be redirected to our training portal where you can begin your journey and you’ll also get access to our discord server where our community would be helping you in case of any queries.

The details will be sent to your mail.

Price increases to $745 soon!

Click on the button below to register yourself to the program & get started selling chatbots for a living!

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